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Gepubliceerd: 11 mei 2024

Oproep: Amazigh Studies Series

Een oproep gepubliceerd in mei 2024 door twee academici gevestigd in Noord Amerika om bij te dragen aan onderzoek en publicatie over Amazigh culturele producties. De originele oproep:

By: Aomar Boum, UCLA, Brahim El Gualbi, Williams College

DESCRIPTION: The Amazigh Studies series publishes foundational texts for the development and growth of a field of study that examines Amazigh and culture in Tamazgha. Focused on Imazighen, the indigenous people of North Africa whose language and culture were marginalized for many years, the series makes available important resources for a variety of audiences interested in Amazigh affairs. Amazigh cultural activism has integrated with global networks of indigeneity, placing Imazighen in larger context of Indigenous people’s struggles for self-preservation. In light of these changes, the Amazigh Studies series aims to address the lack of resources within Anglophone academia and help both students and scholars who work in this area access the wealth of Amazigh literary and scholarly treasures that are currently out of their reach. Publications in the series will address questions that face the field of Amazigh Studies, provide translations of important scholarly and literary works, and develop language learning resources for the teaching of Tamazight. The series is also open to unsolicited proposals that show strong engagement with primary sources in Tamazight.

Please query the editors and / or publisher before submitting:
Hope LeGro, Director, Georgetown Languages
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